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Living near the Ocean

FuuxMugen and FuuJin Friendship

Updated: 12-28-2007
Not finished (90%)
7110 Words, 5 Chapter
Jin and Mugen meet again, and they decide to look for Fuu. And they find her... but she's not alone

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Chapter Date Format Data
~complete fanfiction~ V: 08-22-2007
U: 12-28-2007
Comments (5 )
7110 Words
Chapter 1 Reunion E: 08-22-2007
U: 08-22-2007
Comments (1)
1352 Words
Chapter 2 Questions and Answers E: 08-22-2007
U: 08-22-2007
Comments (1)
1574 Words
Chapter 3 Stories and Lost Memories E: 08-29-2007
U: 08-29-2007
Comments (0)
1427 Words
Chapter 4 Festival Plans E: 08-29-2007
U: 08-29-2007
Comments (1)
1464 Words
Chapter 5 Beauty E: 12-28-2007
U: 12-28-2007
Comments (2)
1311 Words
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Von:  Chigo
2011-12-06T20:38:24+00:00 12-06-2011 21:38
Oh please >o<
More! Don't stop at a situation like that. That's mean, but awesome.

Like ur FF a lot :3
Von: resigned
2010-03-21T17:54:49+00:00 03-21-2010 18:54
Those brats called Fuu...MOMMY?
Von: resigned
2010-03-21T17:50:40+00:00 03-21-2010 18:50
Hm...I see this is the beginning of an interesting adventure...
Von: resigned
2008-03-03T00:53:52+00:00 03-03-2008 01:53
A really good story! I´m looking forward for the next chapter!
I love the way you show up Mugen.^^
Von:  Antikku
2007-12-27T23:37:03+00:00 12-28-2007 00:37
Aiii, I really love this FF !!!
Pleasee, continue it soon |D
very very awww!!! *luv* >_< :))