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Star Wars

Fanarts [All]

Edge of the Empire Charakter

Jyn Erso (skizze)


Darth Vader

Basteleien [All]

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Eggs

New donned Cosplay [All]

General Armitage Hux - Uniform

Darth Vader



Fanfictions [All]
- 10-15-2016: Storm
- 05-02-2015: Rage of War: Gesang und Gedichte - Gedichtssammlung
- 11-23-2014: Profile
- 11-05-2013: Do you remember the day on Endor? I was there.
- 11-23-2010: After the collapse
- 06-17-2009: Agony
- 03-31-2009: Anakin in Wonderland
- 03-27-2009: Whoops
- 08-04-2008: The Story of a Jedi
- 07-09-2007: Ample Field

New Dōjinshis [All]

By resigned
5 pages

By Indy
8 pages

New Shootings [All]

Mini!Vader on stage

Lets be the biggest nerd lord - "Der Arsch löst nicht aus!"

"It's so hot" "Well why don't you take your jacket off?" "Bitch no this is my outfit"

Cosday: Star Wars [ 07|16 ]

Videos [All]
Eden VLOG: Relocation /Anime Collection | STAR WARS VII Review | 1234567 channel views! :D
Cosplay Action: STAR WARS Lightsaber BATTLE feat. Saberproject (JEDI vs SITH Fight @ GamesCom)
The FORCE Mastery (Telekinese) -- Eden Show #V(FX)