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Von: resigned (o0oDokuo0o)
Datum: 11-23-2011, 06:46
Länge: 2:13 Minuten
Kategorie: Fanvideos/-projekte
Beschreibung: joa und ein neuer versuch für ein "Musik video"
Song ausgesucht von Eles und Riku ich habe mein bestes gegeben und
ein Storybord ausgearbeitet was letztendlich an Mangel von Leute nicht wirklich umgesetzt werden konnte D:

An alle mein abonnet danke dafür wir sind jetzt bei 102 das macht mich glücklich

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Von: Tentakelmonster (Wana Octographer)
Datum: 11-20-2011, 20:36
Länge: 1:26 Minuten
Kategorie: Fanfilme/-serien
Beschreibung: This was my little project for the Connichi 2010!


This thing was a bitch to cut- not because it was so hard, but my cutting-programme hated the videofiles.

Models in order of appeareance:
Watson: -Aika-
Holmes: Layla
Hunter: Abyssinian
Ursula: Krone
Arielle: Hachi?!
???: Pannekoek
Hungary: GreenHikari
???: BlueWatery
Randomfotographerguy: -Mayu-
Prince Irwing of Valentia: der-wahre-Hase
Cloud strife: Chibinis-chan
Haruto Sakuraba: Soffel
Seijuuro Shin: Sagacchi
Envy in the transformation when he starts that one big war: tzama
Umi Ryuuzaki: CookieQueen
totemokawaiidesuyoguynexttoUmi: Akio_Hiroki
Voice: Lelis-chan
Noise: Schokotoertchen
Kyouya Hibari: Tutiya
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Natsume
Kamui Gakupoid: Subaru-chan
Squalo: Yosaka
Dino Cavallone: Fake
Abel: Feder
Cain: MissSinnlos
Lao: -Krone-
Sakura: DaisukeSB
???: Isadora
???: Her boyfriend
Princess Tutu: sakura_b
Princess Krähe: Satoshi-kun
Shinku: Marino
Suiginto: Deval
Nia: Kojiu
Viral: Rei_Kashino
Simon: Firi_Akira
???: Silk
???: Missie
Gareas Elidd: Mondfisch
Ernest Cuore: izuka
herBINDEHAUTENTZÜNDUNGself: Lilychouchou
estelle: Nade-chan
HerHOTself: Chala
herTIREDLOOKINGself: Shiho-Cherry
HerELECTROCUTEself: Awesomesauce
hisEDWARDIANself: AnarchyItachy
herBELLARISHself: Amyschn
Ranma-chan: -lie-chan-
Ranma-kun: Kozuma
???: -magi-
hisPRINCESSself: Asukai
herNOTAMUSEDself: Fussel-
Nia: Yumee
HerXTINAness: Xtina
Simon: Yamane
???: -Cage-
herHALFCOSPLAYself: -Boa-
Toris Lorinaitis: Makki
Felix Lucasiewcz: Saria-chan
Vash Zwingli: ???
herHÜNDCHENself: Talchy
Kyouya Hibari: Pretender
Xellos: Zel0s
Turkey-inspired-Girl: ???
Sweden-inspired-boy: ???
Suzaku: ???
Gino MOTHERFUCKING Weinberg: Lucky
Monkey D. Luffy: Naraku
Woody: ???
Boo Peep: ???
Kasane Teto: Kura_sama
Antonio F. Carriedo: Calli
Lovino Vargas: yuugi-mouto
Nice blonde girl: Dai's sister!
tiny blonde Girl: ???
Tall guy: ???
other blonde girl: ???
hisRANDOMASIANGUYself: NightmareLuffy
Boa Hancock: Ninifee
Dino Cavallone: ???
Brown haired girl: ???
Signnomminggirl: ???
Other girl with pointy ears: ???
Very flabbergasted guy with glasses: ???
HisHAMSIself: Hamsi
Very stylish guy: ???
strange girl in front of the City Hall with almost unreadable sign: yours truly

Thank you so much again!

this video is meant to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Everybody knows cosplaystress. The feeling you get when your cosplay partners canceled the week before the con, it's 3 days before the con and the wig you ordered MONTHS ago still didn't arrive, you have a huge zit on your nose, however you caught the goddamn flu, Your zipper ripped the morning of the con, you lost your badge, something with the hotel reservation went wrong, your shoes are the hell on heels, someone posted mean things online, anogtherone stole the original idea for a own deisgned costume, those idiots did the exact same skit as you did the last year and placed better, nobody took your picture in the costume you love the most....

There are many things that get you in distress and most of the time you ask yourself why you keep on doing cosplay, why not to finally give up. But I ask you to rather ask yourself why you didn't give it up until now!
Because you actually love it.
You love all the good aspects, the time you get to spend with friends from far away, the three days in a year you get to forget all the problems at home, school and work, the compliments random strangers make you, when the costume you worked so long for finally is done and looks good, the amazing pictures your photographer just send you from the spontaneous photo shooting, the first place you made in the cosplay contest....

So whenever cosplay gets you down, think of the aspects that raise you up so much you keep on doing it.

Just smile!

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Von: resigned (GkwEntertainment)
Datum: 11-19-2011, 16:53
Länge: 10:04 Minuten
Kategorie: Fanart-Tutorials
Beschreibung: Anne Delseit hat für euch nachgefragt...

In einem kurzen Tutorial zeigt Nina Nowacki worauf es beim Zeichnen von männlichen Manga-Figuren ankommt. Zusätzlich gibt sie wertvolle Tipps, die junge Zeichner schnell zum Erfolg führen.

Viel Spaß beim ersten kokoroto-Beitrag

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Ein Video konnte nicht geladen werden.
Datum: 11-18-2011, 14:24
Länge: 1:57 Minuten
Kategorie: Trailer/Teaser
Beschreibung: Both ot the trailers (first one with alternative music by our team member The Dark Future) for the original Exit Wars movie. Please watch it, if you still haven´t!
The brand-new sequel EXIT WARS 2nd Revolution will start New Year 2011!

Exit Wars Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131299560239154&ref=mf

Exit Wars playlist http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=85373F400E694F06
Entry Wars (the prequel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoh7Bi0yrL0
Exit Wars II (the sequel) teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gdDxZtldIw

Questions? http://formspring.com/RubeusEden Twitter http://twitter.com/RubeusEden

Wer Interesse an der privaten Fan-DVD hat, kann eine E-mail an mail@edenfilms.de schreiben. (Nur für Freunde und Fans!)

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Datum: 11-18-2011, 14:23
Länge: 1:24 Minuten
Kategorie: Trailer/Teaser
Beschreibung: Teaser for our next (and for the time being last) big project, Eden films´ new Action RPG Sci-Fi Fantasy Mystery Comedy Drama Sexy Love Etc movie / series ;3
Zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit gibt´s heute den Ankündigungs-Teaser unseres/r neuen Films / Serie.
Release Start: 01.01.2011
Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8959987B2B7FEFF0

Please join our Exit Wars facebook group for further infos, pictures and more http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131299560239154&ref=mf

Exit Wars 2nd Revolution ~ Debut Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak0VLXve8wA
Upcoming Phase 00+Special Phase only on http://youtube.com/EdenfilmsCrew
Exit Wars ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBncWbEPRmk&feature=PlayList&p=85373F400E694F06&index=0&playnext=1 & http://edenfilms.de

Entry Wars ~ Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoh7Bi0yrL0&feature=related
Entry Wars ~ Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZCrZqpZnDY&NR=1

Questions? http://formspring.com/RubeusEden Production notes http://twitter.com/RubeusEden
Photos & artworks http://edenfilms.deviantart.com

Countdown: 13...

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Datum: 11-18-2011, 14:17
Länge: 44 Sekunden
Thema: Final Fantasy
Kategorie: Fanfilme/-serien
Beschreibung: (Video made public again in December 2010)
We released this special in the long gap between Episode 11 and 12, but since all episodes are online now (yay! ^^) it´s just a nice little summer special! ;-)

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Ein Video konnte nicht geladen werden.
Ein Video konnte nicht geladen werden.
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